Big building comfort and control . . .
Small building simplicity
Tracker Light Commercial systems provide ideal heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions for office buildings, retail stores, medical buildings, rests and other light commercial properties. the controls and equipment in each operate as a seamless single system - providing the comfort and control expected from big building automation systems with the economy and simplicity appropriate for smaller buildings.
Tracker Light Commercial Systems provide pre-engineered solutions to the core tasks within the most common HVAC applications and the flexibility to easily accomodate additional HVAC miscellaneous tasks.

Low long term building operation costs through coordinated building management

Common HVAC applications - save energy by using zoning to reduce equipment

Automatic configuration - minimize installation, commissioning and service costs

Building wide controllers - permit centralized scheduling and coordination of complex

Simple operator interfaces - facilitate monitoring and control by a variety of personnel
(from highly technical to the occasional user)

Optional I/O components - allow use of existing equipment, implementation of
specialized control strategies (such as indoor air quality) and performance of other
miscellaneous tasks (such as lighting control)

Modern/Ethernet connections - facilitate remote monitoring and control of the building
using workstation software

System-level functions - enable scheduling, alarming, data trending and reporting that
can be viewed "at a glance"

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